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Career Development

The Donner-Wheeler Career Planning and Development Model, which is the foundation for all our work, is iterative, continuous and includes five phases: scanning the environment in which you live and work; assessing and validating your strengths and limitations; articulating your personal career vision; developing a realistic plan; and marketing yourself to achieve your career goals.

Career Directions

This program assists individuals to identify and develop the necessary skills and competencies required for the future. It provides participants with an opportunity to: review their careers to date; learn strategies to assist them in making future career decisions; and learn how to develop a strategic career plan. This program is offered onsite or online. We also offer a Train-the-Trainer program.

Discovery Path

This program is directed to mid to late career individuals who are at a point where they want to consider what they need and want for the remainder of their careers and life and focuses on retreat, reflection and renewal. The experiential design of the program provides participants with opportunities for personal introspection and professional growth. The program includes a day retreat, follow-up individual coaching and group closing session.

For Students: It’s Your Career—Take Charge

This onsite/in-person program provides students in the health professions with the tools and resources to be active and confident in their ability to shape their academic career and achieve professional success in rapidly changing employment environments. In addition faculty is prepared to serve as informed resources and career planning and development educators. Our student guide is used as a resource in this program.

Also available, based on our model, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing at Ryerson University developed a student focussed online program. This is a free to access program. The link to the open access online program is on the Ryerson Website.


The Donner-Wheeler 4C’s of the Coaching Conversation Model includes building a climate where you create a space conducive to dialogue and learning; claryifying where you establish an agreement, articulate a purpose and identify goals; collaborating where you co-create possibilities, take action and overcome obstacles; and closing where you declare and commit to next steps.

Individual Coaching

We offer a range of individual services: career, executive/leader, new recruit and job transition.

Coach Mastery

This program provides participants with fundamental coaching skills and a method to apply those skills to leadership, career or health coaching. A coaching practicum and access to a mentor coach is included in the program. Those who have successfully completed the program gain access to the donnerwheeler Mentor Coach Network for ongoing support and development.

Health Coaching Skills Development

This program, offered within an organization to support patient engagement, provides participants with fundamental coaching knowledge and skills, an opportunity to practice and be observed and access to a mentor coach as they use these skills to partner with patients (clients or residents) and their families. Patient tools are also provided.

Developing Your Career Coaching Skills

This interactive live online program is directed to coaches looking to learn specialized career coaching skills. Coaches with an understanding of career planning and development trends, issues and resources will succeed in coaching conversations with clients who present them with a career specific issue. This program can be used towards ICF re-certification and has been approved for 8 CCEU's.


The Five-Phase Mentoring Relationship Model (developed in collaboration with Integral Visions Consulting Inc.) includes articulating a purpose for the mentoring relationship based on your career goal; finding or being a mentor; developing an agreement and action plan; identify progress on the plan and the relationship; and finally celebrating accomplishments, redefining the relationship and examining next steps.

We assist organizations in the development of a customized mentorship program including, but not limited to, helping with a mentor recruitment/retention strategy, designing a self-managed matching system and developing mentorship videos and podcasts.

Building Successful Mentoring Relationships

This program (developed in collaboration with Integral Visions Consulting Inc.) guides matched mentors and mentees as they build a successful mentoring relationship and provides a range of sustainability strategies, both onsite and virtual, to keep the mentoring relationship alive.

Customized Mentorship Program for Nursing Faculty

We worked with Sigma Theta Tau International to develop a customized mentorship program for faculty in schools of nursing.  For more information and to purchase the program click here. 

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